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Simca Plein Ciel 1958  € 9.900.00

This Simca Plein Ciel comes from California. After 13 years of service it was parked, probably by its original owner, Mr. Pruitt. This special car is rust free and damage free. The engine runs like a new one. The car is very complete and comes with boxes of many extra parts and, very important, it has lovely unspoilt windows. This is my first Simca in all these years and I was pleasantly surprised of the high quality of workmanship and materials. Actually not so surprising when you know that these cars were produced by Facel Vega. A very nice restoration project for a very reasonable price. We own all the cars we advertise. They are in our company, or are currently being shipped to our company. We offer this car with original American title and import documents.

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